4 Types of Parenting styles And Their Effects

4 Types of Parenting styles And Their Effects

4 Types of Parenting styles And Their Effects

4 Types of Parenting styles And Their Effects: Parenting is a feeling God has given us and how we play
it: it is up to us, known as parenting style. Our parenting style plays an important role in the upbringing of
our child. A child’s personality depends upon the parenting style.

For that, we must ensure that our parenting style must be healthy and supportive for a child’s growth,
because the way we interact with the child, and the way we discipline children will influence them for their
rest of life.

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As we all know that every parent and child is unique there is no certain thumb of the rule that fits
to follow. But the parenting styles are basically based on the amount of support parents give to children for their upbringing.

Though every style has some pros and cons and affects the child accordingly.

Now, let’s learn about:

What are the Parenting styles and their effects on kids?
Types of parenting styles

There are basically 4 parenting styles which includes:

  • Authoritarian or Disciplinarian Parenting
  • Authoritative parenting
  • Permissive or Indulgent parenting
  • Uninvolved or Neglectful Parenting

Authoritarian or Disciplinarian Parenting

This parenting style is quite similar as its name depicts, Authoritarian is defined as something or someone who has complete or almost complete control over one or more people. This is the strict approach. However, in this parenting style, children are not free to do anything of their own. Having to do with this parenting style, children are bound to do the same whatever has been conveyed to them.

In this parenting, style parents used to set very high expectations and rules without knowing the children’s wish and capability, neither kids input are required. This style also demands children to face harsh and rude behavior of parents and even they are bound to follow the rules. If children fail in following rules, they have to face strict punishment.

What resembles this parenting style mostly includes rigid schedules like child’s sleeping time, feeding time, and study time. For example, The child is forced to finish the food even when the child says he/she is not hungry or forcing them to use the potty even they don’t seem ready.

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How it may affect the child as we all know and we want that our child must follow certain rules and respect the rules. But implementing these rules with strictness will not work positively for children. Because of strictness, children tend to doubt on self whether he/she is doing right or wrong.

They begin pondering their activities before they accomplish something. Those children who are subjected to strict authoritarian training are overly obedient in the presence of adults but aggressive in peer relationships.

Authoritative Parenting

This type of parenting gives some freedom to children to express their views and in authoritative parenting, parents can adjust their rules according to what suits best to the child.

Here also parents make schedules and they are implemented but in such a way that it is not forced but parents remain firm, here they convey child very clearly who is boss, but children are invited for their suggestion and rules can be molded according to what best suits to children.

As a matter of fact, in this type of parenting, parents discuss rules and expectations with children. But they are clear about who is in charge and will consider kids responsible when they don’t do what’s normal. Here discipline and rules are used as coaching, guiding children for their life.

What it resembles is like a midway, where parents are trying to make a balance between firm and supportive. It is like if a child is playing and it’s his/her bedtime then parents can force him/her for the sleeping time but with a logical reason and respectful way.

How it may affect a child this type of parenting has been used widely and is considered a healthy approach for children in order to develop their personality. Offspring of this type of parenting are cheerful and have the ability to make their own decision. Children of this type of parenting are goal-oriented and more focused on achieving goals. Children of this type of parenting are curious, self-reliant this is what research shows.

Permissive or Indulgent Parenting

This parenting style is quite similar as its name depicts, here parents usually act more like a friend than a role model. In this parenting style, there is less focus on rules and discipline. Children are having a lot of freedom even they are not monitored closely. Even studies have found that the working style of such parents is not even very structured. Even they don’t have many responsibilities or chores.

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What it resembles In this parenting style, children are not having fix schedule of feeding, sleep. So sometimes, when these children reach preschool and onwards they don’t have fix schedule for feeding or to sleep they can do whatever they wanted to do at that particular time.

Obviously, how it may affect child children of this parenting style is very difficult to bound them into limits or in any schedule. They are quite outspoken and freethinkers. Children of this parenting style are not easily bossed. Even children of this parenting style are less adaptive to the situation, tend to throw tantrums when they don’t get their way.

But along with this dark side, one bright thing is that children of this parenting style are creative. Children of permissive parenting style selfish, disregard the rights of others, and are aggressive and unsocial.

Uninvolved or Neglectful Parenting

This parenting style is quite similar as its name depicts, here parents are not involved with children, they tend to remain busy in their own world they hardly get time for children. Parents of this parenting style are not able to meet their kid’s emotional and physical needs. They hardly accept their children.

What it resembles children of this parenting style are physically and emotionally very weak. They don’t have any decision-making capabilities.

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How it may affect a child almost we all agree that this parenting style affects adversely and lead to serious issues. Sometimes it happens because they didn’t get proper emotional support from their parents, because of that their nervous system is not properly developed.

Moreover, children of this parenting style are having low self-esteem; they hardly make a good and healthy relationship with others.

Most nurturing approaches offer some important advantages. Finding out what works for your child depends upon the personality of one. However long your little one is protected and getting the help she needs to flourish, there’s no set-in-stone answer.

Hope this 4 Types of Parenting styles And Their Effects article has help you understand/know one or more things regardding parenting styles, please do well to comment your opinions and suggestions about this article before leaving. Thanks.


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