5 Best Ranked Universities In USA

5 Best Ranked Universities In USA

5 Best Ranked Universities In USA

5 Best Ranked Universities In USA – So the results are in and based on in-depth research we
have the 5 ranked colleges in USA 2022. How many of these are going to be ivy league,
how many of these colleges are going to be ones that you want to study at we’ve got all
the details and information to see which are the best and why.

Hey friends welcome to my article on the 5 Best Ranked Universities In USA, here we love helping internationals, especially students be successful on their journey and we’re going to be breaking down for you guys the 5 best ranked universities in USA and help you decide which one is the best for you for your study abroad journey.

So we’re going to be sharing the data and research done by the wall street journal which
was collected right before the pandemic shutdown.

So what the real-life student experience is life but these are still going to be really
helpful factors for you whether to come during or after the pandemic here in America
and so there are 15 specific factors used in deciding these rankings and we’ll have the
link in to see what all these things were but based on student diversity salaries courses
overall experience and happiness value those kinds of things for the students.


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We’re going to break down the factors for you like location student body top courses tuition fees

And some fun facts to help you get a really good understanding of these top10 options to
see which the right fit is for you and your dreams and goals to study abroad alright friends.

1: Northwestern University

5 Best Ranked Universities In USA

At number 5 to start off we, have a Northwestern University which is in Evanston Illinois
along Lake Michigan and just 12 miles from downtown Chicago. Chicago has so many
amazing universities but as of fall of 2019 this university is around 22 000 enrolled
students about 8 000 undergraduates and 13000 graduate students so the average
tuition before financial aid is around 79000 per year and this includes tuition room and
board the mascot at northwestern is the wildcats they’re purple and white and they’ve
got Willie the wildcat one famous program at northwestern is the Kellogg school of management they’ve got a really good business school there at northwestern and northwestern schools of management engineering communication among the most academically productive in the nation northwestern.

Also received about 650 million dollars in research funding in 2016. That’s a lot of some
fun notable alumni for northwestern are the comedian and talk show host Stephen Colbert Megan the duchess of Sussex there’s David Schwimmer your favorite Ross from friends
Julia Lewis Drifus from seinfeld so Seinfelddcts about these guys is that Stephen Colbert
the comedian and david Schwimmer ross from friends they were actually classmates and studied theater together in northwestern and northwestern has more alumni than any
other colleges.

2: Cornell University

5 Best Ranked Universities In USA

Who’s been on a Saturday night live comedy show number 4 is Cornell U? Have Cornell University ever heard of it thank you Andy Bernard Corne. Cornell upstate Ithaca New
York city there’s a total of about 24 000 students there in the ivy league and the average
tuition is about 75 000 per year for tuition room and board Cornell’s graduate school
includes the highly ranked SC Johnson graduate school of management college of engineering.

Law school and the wheel Cornell medical college Cornell top-ranked is also well known
for its top ranked college of veterinary medicine and highly esteemed school of hotel administration some of the more popular majors are engineering business and
management biological and biomedical sciences computer and information sciences
along with agriculture Cornell’s mascot is the big red bear and their unofficial mascot
is the touchdown and their colors are the carnelian red and white fun facts about Cornell Cornell was founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dixon white perhaps the most
famous fictitious alumni of Cornell is Andy Bernard from the class of 1993 from the office in 2014.


He was invited to speak at their senior convocation a fun tradition is that each year in
late march first-year students of Cornell of architecture art and planning create and pray
an enormous dragon across campus accompanied by these app students in costume they
get heckled by their rivals from the college of engineering as the dragon lumbers under
the art quad to be consumed by a symbolic bonfire this tradition goes back to the 1950s
and dragon’s day’s roots are actually traced back to the antics and the architecture of the class of 1901.

3: Princeton University

5 Best Ranked Universities In USA

Number three in the rankings is another Ivy League college Princeton the university
from Princeton in New Jersey and the student body size is much smaller only about
5000 students ate students’ average tuition is about 70 thousand dollars including tuition fees room and board.

the most popular majors at Princeton include social sciences engineering biological
and biomedical sciences computer information science public administration and social
service professionals their highest-paying degree is the highest-paying science and for a master’s the best pain degree is a master’s in science with alumni earning a salary of 277 thousand dollars per year and graduates from Princeton University who Princeton west salaries are those with master’s degrees earning a salary of only 88 000 per year annually Princeton’s mascot is at Princeton’seir colors are black and orange a few fun facts about Princeton.

Jeff Bezos founder of amazon’s of Princeton alumni and on-campus Nassau hall home of
the office of the president and other senior administrators served as the nation’s capital
for four months and eight days in 1783 when it played host to the meetings of the continental congress also Princeton University’s chapel is the third-largest university chap third-largest world.

4: California Institute of Technology

Occupying the number 2 spot in the rankings is the California Institute of technology also known as Caltech this is located in Pasadena California it’s a very small student body only 901 undergraduates and 1300 graduate students of these students are studying 99 percent of
them placed in the top 10 of their high

School graduating class these Caltech kids are smart average tuition at Caltech is 77,000 per year for tuition room and board for courses computer science is the most popular major at Caltech and Caltech is a world-renowned science.


engineering institute that marshals some of the world’s brightest minds and most innovative tools to address fundamental scientific questions and pressure societal challenges their mascot is the beavers with the colors of white and orange some fun facts for you guys about Caltech Caltech seismic lab is the preeminent source for earthquake information around the world and Albert Einstein was actually a visiting professor at Caltech for three winters in 19311932 and 1933.

5: Duke University

On the top position of this amazing list is Duke University located in Durham North Carolina. Duke has about 6500 undergraduate students and 9000 graduate students total of about 15 and a half thousand students the tuition at Duke University is almost 79,000 for tuition fees room and board the top majors of current students there at Duke University include computer science economics public policy biology and psychology and the top countries of students studying there other than American are China, India, Korea UK and Canada. Duke’s famous mascot is the blue devils with blue and white and maybe the one reasons you’ve heard about the Duke blue devils is their famous college basketball team and coach K, coach Mike Czechowski. Duke men’s basketball coach is the winningest coach with 976 career wins growing up as a kid.

I remember watching college basketball and being a fan of Duke watching the blue devils play and coach K and yeah they were a ton of fun all right we are halfway done here is what is the most important factor for you when choosing a college or university in America.

Let us know in the comments below but yeah what is the most important factor that you guys use in deciding your college for studying abroad share with everyone.

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