5 Essential Skills Your Children Needs to be #Worldready

5 Essential Skills Your Children Needs to be #Worldready

5 Essential Skills Your Children Needs to be #Worldready: How do
you ensure that you are raising your children to become successful adults who will live happy lives with successful and fulfilling careers?
This is a question that concerns parents from the moment their babies are born!

Every parent wants their children to get a good school education, then to
go on to get a tertiary qualification or a trade, that will enable them to fulfil their work aspirations or perhaps to open their own business. Along with the development and technical skills obtained from this journey, an equally important set of skills to build in your children are referred to as “essential skills”. These are a set of life skills that will ultimately help your children succeed later in life.

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What are soft skills?

Essential skills are often referred to as “core or life” skills and relate to how one works. Essential skills are made up of people skills, empathy, listening and communication skills, your ability to make decisions and solve problems. An easy way to look at this is to see soft skills as the “humanness” of work and hard skills as the technical know-how.

So, how do you teach your children soft skills?

These essential skills are taught and built through experiences, role-modelling and of course real-life challenges and learning. This means teaching them compassion, self-worth, how to laugh at themselves, how
to pick themselves up when they are down and how to work with others.

Why is it important for your children to build their essential skills?

When your children becomes a young adult having completed their educational journey they will face the “real” world. This may even happen if they take on a part time job whilst studying. Successful job candidates
are usually those who have these child development skills and also being involve in life skill activities which generally relates to a positive attitude, making them more employable, more successful in the workplace and giving them a head start in the journey of life.

What top skills should you focus on?

Here are our suggestions of the top 5 life skills every child should know
and also needs to be ready to face the world.

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This is often referred to as the “rubber ball” factor and is the ability to bounce back. Resilience as a skill shows that one is able to cope with and rise to the challenge.


Adaptability means you are able to constantly learn new skills and behaviours in response to the constantly changing circumstances.

Problem Solving

A good skill to pass onto your children is the ability to solve problems efficiently and in a timely fashion.


Decision making is an important skill that will help your children take on leadership roles in the future, starting with roles such as class captains, sports captains and prefects.


Communication is something that your children should be doing every day and that they will do all day in their future careers, either with clients or as a team, so being good at it is a necessity.

Gladly do I expect and will welcome your contributions to this awesome topic. Also, you can point out a skill you feel is not necessary and is mentioned here or add a skill you would love children to learn and posses before adulthood. Thanks!!!


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