Hot & High Girls Or Average & Low Girls For Life?

Hot & High Girls Or Average & Low Girls For Life?

Hot & High Girls Or Average & Low Girls For Life?

Hot & High Girls Or Average & Low Girls For Life? – In this thread, I’m going to show you
the downside of picking a hot girl and the downside of an average girl who treats you well
and also what’s best for you:

There comes a time in most men’s lives when they decide to pick ONE girl for the long haul.
Staying a bachelor forever, with no responsibilities, is a nice idea. And some guys do it, but it gets lonely cause you won’t be picking up forever.

Many guys who go the long-term bachelor route end up effectively celibate or settling into
LTRs with just a single girl (de facto married).


And you’re probably not going to have kids without a serious relationship, a few guys manage it, but not usually. So odds are, sooner or later, at some point, you’re going to look to pick
a girl to keep around a good long while.

At that point, the Big Question emerges:

• Do you choose a good-looking girl you can be EXCITED about, despite the fact she’s going
to give you a much HARDER time?
• Or do you choose an average-looking girl who will make life EASY for you, even though she isn’t going to have unique looks?

These questions are not as easy to answer as they might at first seem


The number 1 thing men prize in women is beauty. I don’t think we can really argue about that. Women can’t argue it either. And the more beautiful a girl is, the more she knows she can DEMAND from men.

She knows it because men come up to her and offer it themselves. Every beautiful girl has guys offering her all sorts of things.

And it’s not just “any old guy offering things.” She is having guys who are the Top G’s offering it. We’re talking about men who are:

Financially successful
Witty and intelligent
Cool, sociable, and charismatic
Good looking guys themselves

Are they all TOTAL catches? No. But they are generally well-rounded, attractive packages.
Most beautiful girls (unless they have personality disorders) have had a selection of desirable men as partners.

Thus, when you date them, they tend to expect a lot from you.

Now, you’re reading this and presumably, you’ve been out in the field a good bit. So odds
are, you have turned yourself into a pretty attractive guy in your own right, and you know how to hold your own in a frame war.

EVEN STILL, these girls will push you. They are always going to want more than what you give them. They expect you to be more successful, to do more things for them, to take better care of them.


You, for your part, are a busy guy and do not have all this time to spend on them. But you
still have to listen to their push, and complaint, and deliberate aloud about whether they should stick around or not.

Generally speaking, you can get these girls to cook food, but they usually won’t be good
at it, nor will they have the drive to GET all that good. They may or may not be tidy (depending on their personalities).

However, I can tell you most beautiful girlfriend I’ve had (and maybe it’s just bad luck on
my part) has been a SLOB. She looks good as a woman, but take one look at her PLACE and you’ll be wondering what hurricane swept through.

And guess what, if you live with her, that’s what YOUR place will look like too unless you
want to spend all your time tidying up. For as good as they LOOK, good-looking girls sure can be a headache.


So maybe you ditch the hotties, and start looking for a more homely girl to take care of the home? It’s easy to do in the age of dating apps when mediocre-looking girls go on apps to meet studs!

Any guy can get together with girls 2 or 3 points below himself in attractiveness on an app. I can tell you I have friends who went this route. One of them switched from dating hot yet crazy club girls to marrying a short, homely girl.

When I looked at her chubby face up close, below her droopy eyelids I noticed she had a bit
of a mustache on her upper lip. When I asked him if he was really serious about this girl, he had nothing but PRAISE for her. It was obvious he’d been burned by too many dramatic hotties and just wanted a girl he could have an EASY relationship with.

Our mutual friend and I mourned his passing into the land of “ugly girls”. But I guess he was happy. He seemed it when I saw him last. Today I’m told they have two kids. On the other hand, I recently browsed a forum online where guys discussed this topic.


One of the guys there mentioned a friend of his who switched from dating cute girls to wiping up an average girl with less pretty looks than him who took care of him. He said the friend had gained a ton of weight (he used to be fit) and spent all his time sitting on the couch now. “He says he’s happy but when a guy is letting himself go that bad you know he’s just given up,” the guy said.

Another forum member chimed in to add “I know guys who’ve done the same thing and they are all miserable.” She’ll cook for you, and clean for you, the drama will (probably) be a lot less because she KNOWS she’ll never get another guy like you.

But on the other hand, YOU will know you always could’ve gotten done (possibly much) better.
Is this the right compromise to make?


Believe it or not, they have researched what the best call is to make. Scientists who study relationship satisfaction have discovered relationships where the wife is better looking than the husband is happier.

The husband is happier because he has a wife who’s “above his league” in terms of looks. Meanwhile, the wife is happier (according to the scientists) because the husband values her.

But what of the drama and nurturing element?

Might a man not be happier with his homely wife who takes good care of him than he would be with a beauty who’s a crummy homemaker? Yes, he absolutely might.

Just because a study finds ON AVERAGE something is true doesn’t mean it will be valid for you. There are all different sorts of men in the world, and some of us care a LOT about girl’s looks.

Some of us don’t care nearly so much, while some men REALLY want an easygoing relationship.
Others are fine with some drama, and view that as the price you pay to get the “Hotties.” Some guys want EXCELLENCE, meanwhile, some guys want ease…

Often this is determined by your past history. Guys who’ve had a hot girlfriend who really dragged them through the wringer (like that buddy of mine) may run to a homely girl as their refuge.


Guys who’ve dated an average girl yet found her no more accommodating though may decide they might as well get a girl with LOOKS, at least. But it may just as well be determined by personality. Every guy has his preferences, his personal history, and his predilections.
Here’s a guess though.

If you’re following me, you’re the sort of man who doesn’t shrink back from a challenge, and probably wants the best he can get. If that sounds like you, odds are you want a good-looking girl, too. I would encourage you not to write off girls who are hotties just because you had one or two who was too much drama. There are girls who are all types out there. Every hot girl is going to be higher maintenance.

However, if you find one with a good background, who’s had positive relationships, and doesn’t have anything really wrong with her.
Well, you may just have found a hottie who’s a handful, but won’t COMPLETELY break your back, and that’s a girl worth holding onto (if you ask me ).

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