Man Ends His Life Due To Depression

Man Ends His Life Due To Depression

Man Ends His Life Due To Depression: Suicide is never an option. Depression is real.

A Nigerian man identified as Dele Bandele, who was declared missing by his friends and family on Tuesday, January 12, has been found dead.

The young man was last seen at Omole Phase 2 and his last location was the 3rd Mainland Bridge.

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Sadly, his body has been found.

Hours before his disappearance, Bandele left an apparent suicide note on his Instagram page in which he detailed his struggles with depression.

Dele Bandele stated that he had battled with depression for seven years and was about to go find peace. He asked for forgiveness from anyone whom he might have offended.

He asked for everyone to pray for him to find rest and peace.

Read his post below….

“If you’re reading this, it’s because I loved you, or had feelings that I thought I understand as love.

Sometimes though I struggle to accept that it was love. This is because, I never loved myself and so I couldn’t possibly have shown you that love.

But on other days, I think about the care you showed me. The thoughtful messages, the hugs, the gifts and the positive words of affirmation. When I think about these, my heart bursts with an overwhelming feeling for that I have come to know as love. So it might have been that I loved you.

I am thankful to you that, you for opening your heart to me, and showing me kindness even when I didn’t I deserved it. If I hurt you in the process, my spirit begs for your forgiveness.”

Man Ends His Life
Man Ends His Life


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