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Sista Afia Reveals Her Age And Relationship Status

Sista Afia Reveals Her Age And Relationship Status

Unlike many celebrities who hardly open up on their age, Sista Afia has given out her age.

In an Instagram thread, the “Jeje” hitmaker asked her fans and followers to ask her any question off their minds.

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A follower asked how old she is and she gave her age as 27.

In same thread she revealed other details like dropping a “banger” next month.

When asked if she was single she replied “Hmmm this matter”.

She gave actress Mercy Asiedu as her favorite actor in Ghana and stated Afia Kobi Ampem Girls Senior high school as the High school she attended.

Finally, when a follower request to be her bridesmaid her response was “Let’s find the husband first”.

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